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Pharmacist Exam-Important Data output @ Pharma-XL

Pharmacist Exam Interpreted data: Selected Candidates from Each Batch: WHY THIS ANOMALY??

Why candidates from own batch is selected in hundreds and from other batch it has not reached to 30s. 
Reason was tough paper and wrong way of leveling.
I don't know why people are sitting quite?
Why they don't want to fight for their right?
Why more than 52% seats of general is given as open ground to other categories? 
Is reservation means kill the quality people and make your vote bank?


SHAME PHARMACIST...... who are still sleeping and don't know their rights!!


Kanha, karauliwala said…
can we file civil writ petition against roster in Rajasthan high court?
In view of high court reservation can not be more than 50% but here it seemed as more than 70% in pharmacist exam.
If reserved category get all the posts of general due to roster, then what should do by general candidates?
I think there is only one job of begging for unreserved category??
surya said…
definitely....u can file....its your right....
nahi roster nahin hai.....roster mai sabki seat fix hoti hai starts from rank one.....see the files I have recently attached on Facebook regarding roster.....if someone get better rank than its position, then hoe can come in general....otherwise uski seat agar fourth hai aur rank fifth hai...then he will get his own category sets....not the general seat.....

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