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Drug Inspector @ Jharkhand-JPSC

Total Vacancies:59: Gen-27; SC-07; ST 18; OBC-06 +01
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Qualifications of Inspectors :-  A Person who is appointed an Inspector under the Act shall be a person who has a degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical   Sciences or Medicine with specialization in Clinical Pharmacology or Microbiology from a University established in India by law.
            Provided that only those Inspectors :-
            (i) who have not less than 18 months’ experience in the manufacture of at least one of the substances specified in Schedule C; or
            (ii) who have not less than 18 months’  experience in testing of at least one of the substances in Schedule C in a Laboratory approved for this purpose by the licensing authority; or
            (iii) who have gained experience of not less than three years in the inspection of firms manufacturing any of the substances specified in Schedule C during the tenure of their services as Drugs  Inspectors;
            Experience of only a government /Public Sector Pharmacy / NABL accredited laboratory /GMP accredited manufacturing factory will be admissible Experience certificate must be issued by the Director/Maintaining Director/ HR head bearing the organizations address and duly signed by competent authority shall be entertained.  
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Last Date: 25/10/2011


Abhinav said…
please any vaccancy in future fo the same post
Abhinav said…
please any information regarding any upcoming recriutment for the post of drug inspector?

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